2012 Speakers

Mark Wild-Ramsing

Mark Ramsing - Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge

Deputy State Archaeologist - Underwater Branch North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources

For more than 270 years the Queen Anne’s Revenge has been hidden by water and sand – a mystery to archeologists around the world. In 1996, a private company discovered the shipwreck. Dr. Mark Wilde-Ramsing project director of Queen Anne’s Revenge shipwreck excavation will provide insights into the recovered QAR artifacts. Examination of the artifacts will shed light on life aboard Blackbeard's flagship. What does a pirate ship look like and how does it differ from a "normal" vessel? Will the layout of the artifacts support a more democratic life aboard a pirate vessel? read more...


Becky Kagan - A 3D Deep Sea Journey to some famous and not so famous places around the world

Professional U/W & 3D Videographer

Becky is a professional underwater videographer, photographer, 3D cameraman, and technical diver. She is an award winning Photojournalist that has worked for major news networks including CBS and Fox News, shooting video in all types of situations from major hurricanes to the Presidential Election. read more...

John Janzen & John Scoles

John Janzen and John Scoles - Eight years of diving on the Carl D. Bradley

Deep Divers and U/W Videographers

John and John will discuss their experiences during eight years of diving the Bradley, their challenges and successes, the incredible emotion of meeting families of the lost crew and they will show rare and stunning high definition video footage of the Bradley. read more...

Pete Nawrocky

Pete Nawrocky - It's all about the toys

Cave Diver & Underwater Photographer

Diving Equipment has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. The Cave/ technical diving communities have greatly influenced the wreck and sport diver. Pete will take you on a short journey of evolution in regards to equipment, techniques and technology. read more...

Yung Yip

Yung Yip - Places you won’t find in dive magazines

Underwater Photographer

The ocean is a very big place. Great dive locations still await discovery. This presentation brings pictorial travelogs of exploratory trips to remote places in the coral triangle and beyond. These will include the Fak Fak region on the south coast of Papua, Ashmore reef between Australia and New Guinea, and the volcanic archipelago which separate the Banda and Arafura seas. read more...

Brendon Baillod

Brendon Baillod - Still Missing on Lake Superior

Maritime Historian

Brendon will disclose the top ten findable wreck hunting targets on Lake Superior in order of mystique rather than size. Brendon will cover the mysterious history of each and provide a search grid based on the known clues. read more...

Mike Ozwald

Mike Ozwald - Treasures of Isle Royale only enjoyed by boat

Scuba Instructor and Charter Captain

One of the National Parks greatest gems is located within a few hours north of us. The best ways to enjoy this gem is via a boat. Join a journey highlighting Isle Royale’s great scenery and some of the pristine preserved ship wrecks read more...

Tom Pederson

Tom Pederson - Is Now the Time for You to Take a Diving Trip to the Tropical Pacific?

Sales Manager at Dolphin Destiny Adventures

There is still good diving, (and good value), to be found in the Caribbean but I will discuss why I believe that currently the better values in dive travel are found on visits to the tropical Pacific. I will highlight several Pacific dive destinations that have remarkable diving, relatively easy to get to, and can be very affordable. read more...


Evan Kovacs - A 3D Deep Sea Journey to some famous and not so famous places around the world

Professional U/W Videographer & 3D Pioneer

Evan and Becky Kagan both work with the Advanced Imaging and Visualization Lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and shared in the filming responsibilities on the Woods Hole expeditions. Evan, who was originally going to introduce the 3D presentation will be filming in Saipan at show time read more...


Keith Meverden – Banquet Speaker - The Apex of Wooden Shipbuilding: The Great Lakes Bulk Carrier Appomattox

Maritime Archaeologist with the Wisconsin Historical Society

The close of the nineteenth century bought with it the twilight of wooden ship building. Advances in steel ship construction eclipsed the wooden vessels in size, weight, and cost. Michigan shipbuilder Captain James Davidson, however, continued to not only build wooden vessels at a time when most shipyards were converting to steel, but pushed the accepted limits of wooden vessel read more...