Tom Pederson

Sales Manager at Dolphin Destiny Adventures

Currently the Midwest Sales Manager for Dolphin Destiny Adventures, (a California-based travel agency), and a PADI Master Instructor Trainer with Scuba Center in Minneapolis, Tom has over 30 years of dive instruction and travel experience. During the 1980s, Tom recognized an opportunity to expand travel to more exotic diving destinations. "...since then he has had the good fortune to travel the world in search of great diving for his own enjoyment and for the clientele who travel with him." Group travel includes over 50 trips led by Tom, in addition to his own research-related journeys. A partial list of destinations he has visited include; Antarctica, Galapagos, The Great Barrier Reef, Borneo, Papua New Guinea, East Africa, Maldives, Philippines, Palau, Fiji, Egypt, Cocos Island, Vanuatu and Tasmania.

Is Now the Time for You to Take a Diving Trip to the Tropical Pacific?

There is still good diving, (and good value), to be found in the Caribbean but I will discuss why I believe that currently the better values in dive travel are found on visits to the tropical Pacific. I will highlight several Pacific dive destinations that have remarkable diving, relatively easy to get to, and can be very affordable.