2015 Speakers


Dr. James Delgado - Exploring Civil War Shipwrecks

Director of Maritime Heritage of National Marine Sanctuaries NOAA

Jim has been an invited speaker at conferences, media events and public presentations throughout his career. He has given hundreds of live presentations to audiences ranging from a few dozen to a few thousand. Jim is highly sought as a speaker and is represented by the National Bureau. Warship stories often include a tragic narrative of warfare at sea. Please join us as Jim draws upon his knowledge as an underwater archaeologist, naval historian, and uses his renown storytelling skills to regale us with stories of civil war shipwrecks. read more...


Dennis Hale - Shipwrecked

Author and Sole Survivor of the SS Daniel J. Morrell

On November 29th 1966, the Great Lakes ore freighter Daniel J. Morrell was northbound in Lake Huron, fighting gale-force winds and tremendous waves. Suddenly, with no warning, the Morrell began to break in half. Ripped in two by gale-force winds, the entire crew was tossed into the frigid waters. Dennis and three others made it to a liferaft -- only to face 30 foot waves and freezing overnight temperatures. read more...


John Janzen - Exploring the Daniel J. Morrell

Underwater Videographer & Dive Instructor

The Daniel J. Morrell is the shipwreck that Dennis Hale survived. Join John Janzen as he explores both the bow and stern sections of the Daniel J. Morrell which lie five miles apart. With John Scoles the team known as the Johns explored the pristine engine room of the Morrell and Janzen will share their amazing video of this deep penetration dive. read more...

Tom Pederson

Tom Pederson - Off the Beaten Path Diving Destinations

Sales Manager at Dolphin Destiny Adventures

Experienced diver and world traveler Tom Pederson will provide a beautiful presentation of off the beaten path diving destinations. Highlights will including South Africa, Cuba, Oman and Antarctica. read more...

Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson - The Sea Wing Disaster

Historian, Author, Teacher

The July 13, 1890, capsizing of the steamer Sea Wing and the death of 98 of its passengers horrified Minnesota and the nation. A severe Lake Pepin storm hammered the riverboat, its attached barge, and their 215 passengers during a Sunday evening return voyage to Red Wing. Residents of that city, home to most of the victims, suffered through four days of anguish: the return of 52 of the dead to the city levee on Monday morning, read more...


Bruce Lynn - Tragedy and Discovery off the Shipwreck Coast: The Wreck of the Schooner NELSON

Executive Director Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum

Schooner Nelson…“Foundered in a fierce NW gale some 18 miles WNW of station, about 2:30 p.m., and all hands were drowned with the exception of the master, who was washed ashore upon a piece of the schooner’s cabin, to which he had managed to cling. Those drowned consisted of a crew of seven men and an infant son of the master. The first read more...


Katrina (Kat) Colby - Traveling on a Shoestring: Travel Better, Cheaper, Longer- Tips and Tales

RN by trade, Traveler and Diver at heart

People always say, "I wish I could do that." But here is the reality, you can. And the next question is, "How can you afford this?" It doesn't have to be expensive. So I will give you some tips on that while sharing some stories and photos from along the way from Cuba, Mozambique, Egypt, Central America, the Philippines, and South Pacific. read more...


Dr. James Delgado - Adventures in Sea Hunting

Director of Maritime Heritage of National Marine Sanctuaries NOAA

Join us for an encore presentation by key note speaker Jim Delgado. Jim will entertain us with stories of "Adventures in Sea Hunting" and he’ll tell us about his six years as a National Geographic TV host for Clive Cussler's "The Sea Hunters." This promises to be an event filled with fascinating and humorous stories. Jim will share many of the lessons he learned the hard way in these unique environments. Banquet night is well known for offering a terrific meal along with camaraderie and wonderful stories, please buy your tickets early to ensure a seat is available. read more...


Ryan Sebesta - Getting the Most Out of Your GoPro

SCUBA Instructor / Manager, Aquaventure Dive & Photo Center

Let's face it, the GoPro HD Hero cameras are everywhere. By now, you either have one already or are thinking of picking one up. The GoPro and it's free editing software, has allowed casual users to shoot and edit professional looking videos without breaking the bank. Ryan will walk you through the abilities of the GoPro and some simple tricks for great videos. Session outcomes: read more...