Steve Daniel

Author, Historian & Diver

Steve has used his education and experience in research, drawing, communication and leadership activities to help the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society. A past president and past member of the Board of Directors, he is now chairman of the Put-It-Back Committee. He authored Shipwrecks Along Lake Superior’s North Shore, A Divers Guide (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2008) and co-authored with Thom Holden S.S. America, A Diver’s Vision of the Past (GLSPS, 2000). Steve is an Advanced Trimix certified diver and enjoys diving on shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, as well as several oceans. He uses his drawing skills to create proportional representations of Lake Superior shipwrecks that divers use for orientation when diving on the wreck. After a short retirement from a 40-year career at 3M Company, Steve relocated to Duluth and began working for Cirrus Aircraft in the SF50 Jet interior assembly. He also is active in the US Coast Guard Auxiliary in Duluth.

20 Exciting Years of the GLSPS Protecting Shipwrecks and Artifacts

Steve will share highlights of many of the projects and significant actions the GLSPS has accomplished during the past 20 years. While we are often task oriented, it is the people and fellowship who make the GLSPS come alive. Participating in a project, whether it be on the North Shore, Milwaukee or Isle Royale will bring exciting experiences to the participants. Many new friendships begin and the comradery of sharing accomplishments as they occur enlighten the crew. While preserving shipwrecks and artifacts, GLSPS projects have provided members opportunities to use their diving expertise and apply skills learned during a project. Please join him to find out what and how preservation tasks were done and who made them happen.