Paul Ehorn

Diver Shipwreck Hunter

Paul Ehorn started diving in 1960. He is a shipwreck researcher, hunter, underwater photographer and explorer. He has located and been involved in locating 13 wrecks. Paul has also been involved in raising WWII airplanes from Lake Michigan with A&T Recovery. He is a graduate of the University of Whitewater Wisconsin, where he majored in math and physics. He is a retired code enforcement officer with the city of Elgin, Illinois.

The Challenge a New Shipwreck Discovery

The Challenge was a 197ft steamer, launched April 11, 1853, sunk by boiler explosion June 22, 1853, a very short life span of 73 days. It sank in lake Huron on a trip from Chicago to Buffalo with a cargo of pork, oats and produce. 5 lives lost and 23 survivors.