Nick Seaton

Geologist, Speleologist

Nick was born in England and grew up just North of London. He attended Liverpool University to study Geology and during his time there he discovered a love for caving or as it was called there potholing (pronounced Pot-Hole-ing). He joined the Liverpool University Potholing Club his freshman year and caved with them most weekends for his 4 years of undergrad study. Mostly the caving was based in the North of England around the Yorkshire Dales but also further afield such as the Derbyshire hills and both North and South Wales and several trips further afield such as expeditions to Northern Spain and a trip to Bulgaria. He rose to become president of the club in Liverpool but also held the title of Tackle Master and Secretary at various times. After undergad he stayed in Liverpool to pursue his PhD in Geology but due to the increased work load caved less often but still quite regularly. After his PhD he moved to Minneapolis in 2007 to start a postdoc at the University of Minnesota where he still works. He found the Minnesota Speleological Survey during his first year in Minnesota and they have been his local caving club since then. He was president of the MSS for the last 5 years but stepped down this year to take a break although he still attends the meetings and trips.

Caving in Minnesota

Nick will discuss the cave forming process and how and where caves form. He will show examples of the different types of caves and show what appropriate equipment is needed to enter caves safely. He will finish with a photo show of various caves he has visited from both the UK and Europe and the US.

The MSS (Minnesota Speleological Survey) is the local grotto of the National Speleological Society (NSS). It is dedicated to the preservation of and understanding of caves and mine resources in the state of Minnesota and beyond. It hosts regular monthly meetings on the second Wednesday of the month at REI in Bloomington at 7pm. They have a website at