Mike Gerken

Boat Captain, Dive Professional, and Underwater Photographer

After abandoning the corporate lifestyle in 1998, Mike Gerken pursued a career in diving and underwater photography. Since then he has gone on to become the captain of several prominent over seas liveaboards as well as a captain at North Carolina's very own Olympus Dive Center in Morehead City. It was at Olympus where Mike got to work with the the non-profit organization Soldiers Undertaking Disabled SCUBA (SUDS). SUDS is designed to help improve the lives of injured service members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. By training the warriors in a challenging and rewarding activity it can help facilitate the rehabilitation process and promote mobility. Offering this venue provides the service member with a sport they can enjoy during their rehabilitation and throughout their life.


Mike's travels have taken him around the world from Africa, to Vanuatu, to the wreck diving capital of Truk Lagoon and most recently the Micronesian island gem of Palau. During these travels Mike has collected an extensive collection of underwater imagery as well as produced two documentary films titled, The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon and The Wreck of the SS President Coolidge." To learn more about Mike and to see his complete portfolio of work visit. www.www.evolutionunderwater.com

Diving Around the Globe & SUDS

Underwater videographer and professional dive master Mike Gerken will be here to dazzle us with his stunning underwater images and videos. Mike will tell us of his experience in producing the documentaries The Wrecks of Truk Lagoon, The S.S. President Coolidge Project and his videos for diving the waters in North Carolina and Palau. Mike has also had the privilege to work with the SUDS (Soldiers Undertaking Disabled Scuba ) divers as their captain and photographer and he will share images documenting the work of this amazing group. Come prepared to sit back and immerse yourself in his beautiful work and hear the stories of his world-wide adventures. For more information please see Mike’s web site at: http://www.evolutionunderwater.com