Ken Merryman

Diver, Underwater Videographer

Ken Merryman is past president and founding member of the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society and retired computer engineer. He is a veteran speaker at scuba shows including Gales of November and Ghost Ships and gives several shipwreck talks each year. Ken has been an avid Great Lakes shipwreck diver for 47 years and operated a scuba diving charter service for 40 years. Although his charter business operated mostly at Isle Royale National Park, he also frequents the Lake Superior North Shore, Apostle Islands, Lake Michigan and Lake Huron diving and searching for new shipwrecks. His underwater photos and video can be seen at museums and shipwreck displays around the lakes. The last three summers Ken and friends have been circum-navigating the Great Lakes in his 1947 Owens Cruiser and have covered four of the lakes so far finding six new shipwrecks along the way. In the winter Ken travels to warm water ocean destinations using his video camera to capture stunning images of the ocean critters.

Comparing Popular Caribbean Dive Destinations

Each year as diving travelers we decide what new destination we would like to explore. Although Ken is mostly known for his Great Lakes travels, he has also traveled to many saltwater destinations both in the U.S. and foreign ports. For the last eight years Ken has been picking a new Caribbean destination every year. He will share his impressions based on what you see underwater and above, relative costs, and accommodations for the resorts he stayed in on those trips along with sharing is underwater photography of each of these destinations. His impressions are not based on any desire to promote any individual destination but rather an interest in sharing personal experiences from his travels.