Keith Cormican

Owner, Wazee Sports Center; Public Safety Diver

Mr. Keith Cormican owns Wazee Sports Center LLC in Black River Falls WI. Keith, who became certified in 1990 with a main interest in Public Safety Diving, has had the opportunity to dive in many locations throughout the world. Keith opened up the Wazee Sports Center in 1996 to serve the many divers who would be coming to the old iron mine, which is now known as Wazee Lake. Keith also assisted with forming the dive team for the Sheriff's Department, which has led him to be involved in many recoveries around the state of Wisconsin. He holds five certifications for International Dive Rescue, and is a Trainer/Instructor for Emergency Response Diving International, offering 10 courses to Public Safety Divers. He has taught these courses throughout WI, IL, IN and MN Keith offers PADI, SDI, TDI and ERDI courses. He is also an Instructor/Trainer for TDI Advanced Tri Mix, SDI Instructors and ERDI Instructors. Mr. Cormican will discuss Public Safety Diving: Building a team, Types of training for the PSD's, and Team Safety. There will be a power point and an open discussion on any PSD topics.

Public Safety Diving