Doug Klein

Doug did his open water at 15 and never pursued it after until he went to Mexico with some friends in 2006. One of them is a diver and convinced Doug to sign up for a dive with him. So he did his first real world dive in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and got back into it full steam in 2008. Doug started doing fun dives with a shop in St. Cloud and then MSD in Brainerd MN and fell in love with the Crosby mine pits. After logging hundreds of recreational dives a dive buddy turned him on to tech diving. Doug has been certified up to advanced trimix and full cave. Doug has wreck dove in three of the great lakes and the Carribean. He also tries to cave dive at least once a year in either Mexico or north Florida. Doug is the diabolical mastermind that built and sunk the Jason Voorhees statue in the Crosby pits and in 2016 started the Minnesota Scuba Diving page on Facebook.

Diving Locations in MN

Doug will highlight what he believes to be some of the better and unique dive locations around the state.