David Trotter

Shipwreck Hunter Adventurer; Well-known Shipwreck Speaker

David has been discovering and exploring Great Lakes shipwrecks since the 70’s. Recently published, the book “Shipwreck Hunter” by Gerry Volgenau chronicles David’s unique forty years of involvement with Great Lakes discovery and exploration. David has been featured on the Discovery Channel, ABC News, CBS News, in the New York Times, the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit News, and in Immersed, Wreck Diving and Advanced Diver magazines. He has surveyed more than 2,200 square miles of Lake Huron in what has become a remarkable one of a kind adventure. Our World-Underwater honored David’s contributions to diving and Great Lakes Maritime History by presenting him with the special 2010 OW-U Achievement Award. Through Under Sea Research Associates (URA), David is producing adventure and educational documentaries in the “Solving History’s Mysteries” series. Nine programs are now available on DVD, and twenty-one in person “live” programs are available to schools, clubs and other organizations. David’s presentation will highlight the exciting 2010 discovery of the Marion Eagan. The Eagan was a 135’ two-masted schooner, which sank in a collision with the schooner E.R. Williams in 1875. It is now one of the most intact schooners in Lake Huron. Expedition divers were amazed to find covered cargo hatches, the intact stern cabin, dishes in the cabinets, and a monocular spyglass in the holder

Discovery of the Marion Eagan