Dr. James Chimiak, MD & Dr. John Wahlstrom

Divers Alert Network

Dr. James Michael Chimiak, MD Dr. Chimiak is the current Medical Director for DAN and has been working with DAN since 1991. He has a BS in chemistry (US Naval Academy), MD (UNC-Chapel Hill, NC); triple boarded in Anesthesiology, Pain Management and Hyperbaric Medicine (Duke). Qualified US Navy Surface Warfare, US Navy Special Operations, Mixed Gas Salvage, Undersea Medical, Flight Surgeon and Saturation Diving Medical officers. He has been a NASA physician, a Gas Free engineer and led USMC surgical platoon (6 OR's) during the invasion of Iraq. Dr Chimiak is responsible for all medical issues at DAN that include both emergent and routine calls for assistance for both diving and boating (travel) medical issues. He assists divers, DAN members and their local medical providers with timely, current medical information to expedite optimal care and evacuation when necessary. He is actively involved in both types of research, writing as well as a review of all medical information leaving DAN. He works closely with diving and boating groups such as hyperbaric medicine facilities, US Coast Guard, US Navy, UHMS, NOAA, Power Squadron etc.     

John Wahlstrom, M.D.

DAN consultant physician

St. Paul Allergy and Asthma

Diplomat NOAA Working Diver Program

PADI instructor emeritus

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