C. Patrick Labadie


Pat was first introduced to diving in the 1960’s and has been a serious diver since mid-1980s. He is an experienced diver in all of the Great Lakes with a majority of his experience in Lake Huron. Pat first learned to dive while living in the Detroit area. His early inspiration came from his grandfather, a worker in the wooden shipyards and his interest in the Great Lakes continued to grow through collaboration with Fr. Edward Dowling, University of Detroit historian. His passion for the historical era of wooden shipbuilding kept Pat active as a diver and promoter in the field of shipwreck preservation. Pat Labadie is probably best known in Minnesota and Wisconsin as the former Director for 27 years of the Duluth Marine Museum now called the Duluth Maritime Visitor's Center. Pat believes we can all contribute to the preservation of our treasured wrecks and is always on the look-out for new recruits and volunteers. Pat will be awarded the GLSPS Special Acknowledgement Award at the Dinner Banquet.

SOS - Save Our Shipwrecks

In recent years, a number of Great Lakes shorelines have experienced record low water levels. These low waters have resulted in a number of repercussions to our shipwrecks. Experienced Great Lakes diver, historian, researcher and underwater archaeologist Pat Labadie is here to give us a bird’s eye view on water level trends and its resulting impact on our treasured shipwrecks. Pat will show us why this is the worst preservation crisis he has seen in his 52 years of diving, how the human impact is contributing to this degradation and what we as a dive community can do to provide solutions. Please join Pat for this informative and inspiring presentation.