Brendon Baillod

Great Lakes Maritime Historian

Brendon Baillod is an award winning Great Lakes maritime historian, author, antiquarian, researcher and diver. He is a native of Michigan's Copper Country where he has been involved in the identification of area shipwrecks for nearly 40 years. Brendon is the author of Fathoms Deep but not Forgotten: Wisconsin's Lost Ships and has appeared on the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and National Geographic Channel discussing Great Lakes shipwrecks. He is the current president of the Wisconsin Underwater Archeology Association.

Shipwrecks of the Keweenaw Waterway

Michigan’s Portage Lake Ship Canal was once a major artery for Lake Superior commerce. Begun in 1859, this important waterway saw the delivery of untold tons of iron ore, copper and lumber to the industrial cities of the lower Lakes. A surprising number of vessels have left their bones on the bottom of this protected water body, leaving many in a surprising state of preservation. Join Brendon Baillod as he shares the history and underwater archeology of dozens of little known and in many cases, newly discovered shipwrecks that litter the Keweenaw Waterway.