Andrew Goodman

Diver, Photographer

Andrew has been an active board member with the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society since 2020. He started diving in 2002 in St. Cloud, but after some time away from diving he returned to it in 2016. Andrew is an avid technical rebreather diver and trimix gas blender. During 2022 Andrew spent over 4 weeks on the Heyboy traveling and diving the great lakes. During the last few years Andrew has helped capture imagery on over 60 different wrecks. One of his most impressive models for 3d photogrammetry was on the SS Manasoo where he performed multiple dives to capture this 178' freighter that sits at 210'.

Immerse Yourself in 3DShipwrecks

Andrew Goodman, Treasurer, Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society will present Immerse Yourself in 3dShipwrecks. Andrew will briefly discuss the evolution of shipwreck documentation, and share our techniques for capturing models.  He will share the process of how and what he’s done to contribute to 3d shipwrecks including some of his successes and valuable learning experiences.