Rec-to-Tech Panel

The Panel will include:

Jason Schulz, Adv Nitrox/Deco Procedures & Helitrox Technical Diver

Shawn Harrison, TDI, Director of ERDI Training

Mike “Ozzy” Oswald, Diver and Instructor

The Topic: REC to TEC

As scuba divers develop and build their dive skill sets, expand their underwater experiences, and increase their comfort levels in water environments, many often find themselves wanting to expand their capabilities beyond the limits of what recreational diving has provided to them so far. Whether that be to increase their equipment knowledge and or dive safety, or just having the ability to spend some extended time at depth on a particular dive site or shipwreck, there are many reasons divers make the transition from recreational diving into technical diving.

The REC to TEC speaker panel will field questions from the audience, from those who may be considering technical diving or might have questions on the benefits of becoming a technical diver can provide them. The REC to TEC panel will be able to provide different perspectives to all questions asked, coming from that of a technical diver’s view point, a technical dive instructor’s position, or from an even broader viewpoint, coming from a technical certification agency representative (TDI) as part of the panel discussions.  Bring your questions or just your curiosity, the REC to Tech speaker panel will help provide basic answers to the many questions surrounding entering and becoming a technical diver.