Friday Nite Movies

The “Friday Night at the Movies” get-together before the UMSAT Show on Friday at 6:00 pm. We will have projectors set up so you can show your videos, slides, or PowerPoint presentations to the group. This is an informal gathering – anyone can participate, or just come for the entertainment and to socialize!

Did you just take a trip to a great dive destination, make a unique dive, or just want to show your best photos? We will have a willing and interested audience with plenty of time to socialize between clips. We ask that you limit your presentations to 15 minutes so everyone can have a shot at presenting. Although you don’t have to register to show your stuff, we would appreciate it so we can schedule and list the shows on the web and make sure we have provisions to connect to a projector. Remember, we’re not only interested in shipwrecks; we all enjoy seeing your sea life photos and adventure sports videos, too.

Admission is free with Show Admission, otherwise $10 (online or at the door) for Friday Nite only. Refreshments will be available. Enjoy a drink, hard or soft, while you are there.

This year the FNATM will be in the party room in the bowling alley at the Mermaid.

For starters, our list of presenters are:

– Michael Raymond
– Amy Rosebrough
– Brian Bosveld
– Jon Connolly
– Andrew Goodman
– Ken Merryman
– YOU!