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We would like to thank this year's excellent speakers, exhibitors and sponsors!

Awards Luncheon

This year's awards luncheon was a great success! Richie Kohler had a great presentation of "Forty years of Shipwreck Exploration or How Diving Changed My Life."


Congratulations to our very deserving 2018 Award Recipients!

Sara Blanck - C. Patrick Labadie Special Acknowledgement Award

Tom Brueshaber - GLSPS Appreciation Award


Cash Raffle

To help raise funds for GLSPS Projects, we have a cash raffle -- a prize anyone can use!


Congratulations to our 2018 cash prize winners! Stay tuned for our 2019 raffle.

Our Featured Speaker – Richie Kohler

Filmmaker, Author, and Shipwreck Explorer


The Story of the Britannic: Mystery of the Last Olympian


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