This Year's Speakers


Richie Kohler - Mystery of the Last Olympian

Filmmaker, author, shipwreck explorer

Was Britannic, the tragic sister ship of Titanic, always doomed? In Mystery of the Last Olympian, Richie Kohler takes you on the intriguing journey from the rise of the magnificent Olympians to the fateful day in 1916 when HMHS Britannic sank. Internationally known from the book Shadow Divers and co-host of the History Channel’s Deep […] read more...


Dr. Matthew Daley - In the Wake of Disaster: Lake Erie's Black Friday Storm of 1916

Associate Professor, Grand Valley State Univerisity

In the Wake of Disaster: The story of the James B. Colgate, the Merida, and Lake Erie’s Black Friday Storm of 1916. The Black Friday Storm was October 20, 1916 the day a “perfect storm” hit Lake Erie, sinking four large ships, killing forty-nine people. The ships that were dispatched to the depths by the […] read more...


Paul Ehorn and John Janzen - Lake Michigan's Deepest Dive the SS Senator

Underwater Photographers and Explorers

At 450 feet deep John Janzen’s and John Scoles’ dive on the SS Senator is one of the deepest dives ever done on the Great Lakes. The Senator was discovered by Paul Ehorn who led the project to dive this amazing shipwreck which contains the worlds largest collection of 1929 and 1930 Nash Motors automobiles. […] read more...